With hundreds of models to choose from, you’ll want to a laptop that ticks the boxes and will last the test of time. One of the biggest decisions will be how much you want to spend – what many don’t realise is that if you’re after a good all-rounder for day-to-day tasks, it doesn’t have to be a lot. We award Best Buys to our top-performing laptops, . Plus if you’re willing to compromise you can find good models .  Follow the steps below and use our interactive tools and tables to find the perfect laptop. Three of the best laptops Only the very best laptops from our tough lab tests achieve Best Buy status. Here are three models that impressed enough to make the grade.

Some laptop may be a little old, but it’s a positive bargain . We were particularly impressed by the battery life – you can expect over 15 hours on a single charge, or almost 9 hours watching video. It’s superbly built, and is fast and smooth to operate even today. The display isn’t quite up to par with the 2018 model, but it’s still a joy to look at, even in direct sunlight.

It’s no surprise to us why this model has become such a popular laptop. If you don’t want to spend too much, this is still one of the best sub laptops on the market. It’s light enough to carry around, but it’s fast, too, crunching through day-to-day tasks with ease. The display impressed us the most – outstanding for the money, offering bright, colourful images, plus the battery lasted over 11 hours in our tests. Great value for money.

Chromebook may not be the most portable of laptops (and it’s fairly heavy too) but it impressed us enough to become a Best Buy. This is largely down to the speedy operation, thanks to a powerful processor and plenty of RAM, and impressively bright and vibrant touchscreen display. There are some issues – the touchpad feels a bit cheap, and though it offers a decent nine hours of battery life, charging is painfully slow.